Poverty and Hunger Pangs

I’ve come to realise that there is such deep meaning in suffering 

That with each disaster
Every cloud over my life
There is a person I could become
A person that would not make me happy
Or bring me any kind of joy

As a child, I’ve walked kilometers from school and back
Just to keep life intact
And on a given rainy day I would come out of it sopping wet
It was a strange phenomenon
Every single year, someway somehow I would get home
Absolutely weathered

And I think it’s so indicative of my life
A constant cloud recurring
Beating me at the race back home
Leaving me soaked and defeated
Not seeing that it was leaving me in the dark
Because I was not ready

Sometimes in life, you know you are destined for greatness
It breathes out from the work you do
That greatness comes with amenities
Many abuse it
And looking at how it has spoiled many
I think it would’ve spoiled me too
And thus the rain
The clouds
Washing away the person I almost become
The constant cleansing I’ve accepted
And taken with a humbled heart

There is no joy I will find if given sunny days
I am destined for greatness
The sun is going to come from me


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