Am I Ugly? 

​Do I possess a lacking in the talent of ratch? 

Do I not fit in?
Can you tell me why?
Am I ugly?
Or am I just a bitch?

I’m asking because all these mug mangled, knobby bodied folk just prosper
All around you
They are everywhere
Yet you choose them
You pick them

Do I bore?
So different
Do I come off confident?
Are my nipples too free?
Is my tongue to loose?
Am I ugly?
Is that why you don’t want me?

Should I beg and beg to sit at your table?
Have I forgotten to respect your importance?
Or pretend I do until you feel it’s enough
May I die?
Or is that in conflict with your time?

Did I not follow you? 
Have you spoken?
One final word
Have you rolled your eyes again today?
Have I your tongue?
Have I enough?
Is it too much that I’m not bothered?

Am I ugly?
Because I really don’t mind


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