The Bad Bitch Story

Why are gay men attracted to sassy women? Because sassy women do not know how to hide their nature.

The rent to pay for being in the closet is becoming a pathological liar. The biggest price you pay is deceiving yourself.

And that’s why I appreciate my raw friendship with Tshidi. I find comfort in her bluntness. I guess you could call me her GBF, but a label is not necessary for the friendship. And it took one catchphrase to cement the bond.

“Yes, bitch!”

When you are a student and on the verge of a kairos in your life, you tend to erase certain ideas, thoughts and behaviours that do not match your beliefs. That would include the use of the word, bitch. And what exactly constitutes the use of bitch?

We were reproached by an ex and his chums about the use of the word. As intellects, they found no light in referring to oneself with the demeaning word, but we did not stop. We were both at a place of some kind of self-understanding. We were approaching life frank with a dash of hedonism. And bitch was pleasure we were comfortable with.


From the morning’s “hey, bitch,” to the eveing’s, “bye, bitch,” it accustoms the attitude. It’s that very sass that connects women and gay men. Exclaimed or ellipsed we do not need affirmation. Bitch is the new amen. It has power, it defines you, it’s a confidence you put respect on. It does not seek to be equal or to qualify the same stances men have with being dogs or consecration to the bro-code religion. Bitch will never die. Bitch is life, and it does not require your acceptance.


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