The Time Story


First time Spencer had sex:

It was beautiful he says. He had cooked for the anonymous boy. The room was small so all that sexual angst was bound to erupt.”He got in bed with me,  we maybe talked about music. I was sitting between his legs, both of us facing one direction,  his arms wrapped around my shoulders. There were brief moments he would squeeze really tight and I could feel his warm breath on my neck,  his big body against mine.” Spencer says he had feelings for him. This boy was special. “At one point we stopped talking but there was nothing awkward about that brief silence. I turned over to his face and we kissed. You don’t wanna know how soft his lips were. It went down. Clothes came off and naked body parts were flying around. There was this little thing he did with his middle finger on my navel towards my groin that turned me the fuck on and had me moaning with pleasure.”

Spencer says they made love that night. How special is that. To have your first time with someone who can understand your soul and body? “He didn’t spend the night though,  after the passion I walked him to his place and hugged him.”

Last Time Spencer enjoyed pop music:

When Sam Smith and Sia released albums. Spencer felt the albums were beautifully crafted. He also appreciated the sorrow each artist carried in their works.

First time Spencer fell in love:

It happened twice he notes. He and the first love never happened. The last love however did not end well. He notes that it was amazing though. “You watch everything you have ever believed about yourself just go out the window. Almost like death and rebirth of some weirdly beautiful sort. The passion in the beginning is everything. Everything is just great then. The silly text at 2 in the morning,  making out, snuggling,  having sex,  everything man. You can never imagine the relation coming to an end. Your guard is completely down. You can’t stop telling your friend what he did last night. You smile to yourself after a panic frenzy cause he’s downstairs to pick you up. You put him first before making decisions, would he like you in this sweat shirt,  or maybe the gray one.  There are no rules and not enough logic to reason your feelings other than ‘I love him’. You can’t even tell them why you love them. You swallow every promise they make and get mad angry when they break them but because you love them that much forgive them and make up. It’s the smallest things that count…They become the light of your life and you live on hope that you become theirs.”

Last time Spencer felt weak:

“When I went through a break-up. The scary thing about loving someone is realising that you need them and forgetting that you need yourself more. “Sp


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