Oh father, nga saba

Lo baba, nga saba, wa baba

Oh vader, my lover

Oh vader, I still have a lover

Aye – aye, eye say hi, hello nice to meet you

And you speak the words come out

But I don’t seem to hear you

Oh my, ever since I saw you

Are you asking my name

My senzu, is sold off, so high

Gonna beat my drum for you

Vader ek vertrou

Wherever you go

I see my name

I believe in you

Vader ek moet hope

Wherever you go I assimilate

See here

Lies my heart, my armour

Your tea shirt

Designed in the colour

Of love

In time for the cherry

Sherrie, charade, escape

See here I’m dropping, I’m calling, you tease

My slipping palm-olive, Oh gee!

Shap collar,

I’ll holla Holy, hooray, oh hey

To sea, the sail, away


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