Seven Days

Your Mother
Is a lot of things
As black as the pots in her kitchen
As broken as the sparks on the ceiling

Your mother
Can’t even make it to the sky
She broke the water
When she landed on her feelings
And shattered the air
And our atmosphere

Your mother
Has nothing to do with nature
She’s green, she’s brown, she’s mean she’s pink

Your mother
Could never change a light bulb
Your mother could only pick the blinds that leave her in the dark

Your mother
Fell from the sky
She swam hard and started walking
And when her steps took her up
She forgot her voice and again she started falling

Your mother
Is just a second
To the hours that she came from

Your mother
Does not deserve break
She built a king
But the kingdoms talking
She gave her hills
And they started walking

Your father is an awesome man
He built the sky and it started turning
He made the motion and it started moving
He stole a flower and it started growing
He made the heavens and they started raining
Swam in the ocean till it started flowing
Sowed a seed still the seed is sowing
He made gods in his own reflection
The gods reflected and they started living.


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