The Name Story

Yin has so many travelling stories to share. My personal favourite was the portion in time she spent working at a kitchen. Yin was the only woman there.

I wanted to tell her so much about my country. And maybe more about the continent. You could not list the thoughts in my head. Yin’s interest in people was so touching. She always listened, intently. I had so much to share, it’s a vanity every educated youngster has. The wider the mind, the louder the mouth.

Everyone calls her Felicia though. And yes, it’s the blue cat from Darkstalkers (act lost, I’ll pretend you’re young). For those who really don’t know, it’s an arcade game character. Imagine Catwoman did crossfit.

“Your name is Vuyokazi,” I said excitedly. I imagined her going back home, now identifying as an African woman. But I was sure she would not. She has experienced so much culture! We also have something in common – a love for the Louvre.

Vuyokazi is a Xhosa name meaning happy.

She wrote it in her notebook though. I think she gave me a Dutch/Chinese name. But I don’t remember now. She probably forgot too….

His name was Tiaan. He was identical to my boy-crush of the same name. My original Tiaan had dark hair, piercing blue-eyes, he jogged every now and then past my house other than the blushing glances we gave each other when in town. New-Tiaan was mean, and angry.

“So what is your real surname, Lovegood sounds fake,”

“I’m Tango Ntwasa.”

“What the hell is Ntwasa?!”

“That’s my real surname,”

He wasn’t pleased… at all.

“I thought you were coloured,”


“You’re black! You’re a fucking black!”

“What difference does it make? You still like me,”

His pushed me back and his gigantic shoulders ran off to his girlfriend.

I still stand there sometimes, asking, “What difference does it make? You still like me?” I’m pretty sure he was in-lesbians with me.

“Tango, Tango, Tango. It takes two to Tango and Tango is so intimate. And then he changes it to Tengo, worst name ever…”

That was Vuyokazi. She harassed my twitter feed. I have changed my name since. This time it won’t change.

So, hello.

My name is Tango. I am Goode, how are you?



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