The Shuffle Test Story

Just a week before, reality hit hard that I was wasting my time dreaming, hoping, praying, and planning to become the best.
And then it happened. My dorm brothers were pulling an all nighter (my level of I don’t give a shit was so high, I managed to cement my place as number 19 in class without studying regularly or owning text books) and decided music was a great way of staying up. I needed to sleep. I needed to digest my cold bed. I needed to mentally prepare a fake smile. I was not going through dire times, that was the lie. It came with he seductive saxophone. I was familiar with HYPE magazine. I had a prejudice for underground rap, why was it hidden in the first place? What made it so special? Bunch of rejects, too ugly to own a music video! Nonetheless, said saxophone hit my body like a tsunami of emotion. I could not put my finger on it, what captures the body and let’s your soul move out of your control like some silly animated snake to the charmer. “We struggling to express ourselves,” the reject confessed, “we got writer’s block!” his posy voiced after him. I remember finding my self half-sitting up. My roommates had not noticed me. The hip-head of the room went about looking for something. As if nothing was happening. Did they not hear this song? Ja Rule, DMX, the return of Jay Z… I was slapped in the face. I spent my entire youth with bandanas tied around my forehead, acquiring the perfect crip walk and yielding my tongue to sing as many American swear words as possible. And there it was, who I truly was, in a depressed, yet beautiful, lonely yet supportive, simple yet profound…for good time I had lost a sense of direction…and then I found it…
With The WB blog I wanted to find similar stories using the shuffle test. With their playlists on shuffle, the candidates share at least five songs from their playlist. The idea is that they get to uncover stories similar to mine or just the aesthetic value a simple song can carry. At the end of the day, it’s all meant to keep one inspired.


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