The Inspiration Story

I was reminded of a fictional character I had created after I scared myself into believing my mother was kidnapped. It was a Saturday. I remember this because Charmed used to play when the sun went down. It was seven in the afternoon – where the hell was this woman? I sat fearful by the window waiting for her to appear.
In some slow motion weirdness, a car passed by with some hysterical woman in the back seat. She was beside herself and for some strange reason the lights were on in the car. I sat down with a pencil and paper. I had only recently dedicated my life into becoming a short story writer – who the hell would write a novel? Bloody long! The character’s name was Adam. He was brave and protective of his sisters. In times of distress, they always knew he was near. From the rustling of the wind, they knew he was there. No matter how scary the night got, the sound of trees wrestling in the wind let them know he was near…Adam would never leave them alone.

Louzanne made my kind of entrance, the Adam kind. It was loud. You could hear her coming. She touched the walls of the office and felt around the to the door. Her presence just made me smile. She cared a lot about others. At first I thought she was going to pull an SRC on me and speak only about her work.
“Top 3 favourite books?” I asked.
I have an affiliation for reading facial expressions. Louzanne’s are different. It was difficult but I got it eventually. It was in the directions her head would tilt. Her resting face was invulnerable. A game of poker with this girl would be a dismal fail.
“I would say … The Sword of Truth series, most definitely Wuthering Heights and Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson…”
I was immediately intimidated. She commanded so much power, just from the giggles about being different.
“I would say my biggest fear is people not taking me seriously because of my disability…”
A mistake we all make. I am never fascinated by a person’s energy because of what they look like or where they come from. It’s really what’s inside that matters. So I told Louzanne about my Shuffle-test. I always learn about a person based on the photographs they take and the music they love.

Louzanne’s were lovely! There was Royals by Lorde and she appreciated her attack on bureaucracy. The second was Arms Wide Open by Creed. I had recently been introduced to the band but this particular song was unique (to Louzanne) for the guitar’s use and the tracks chilled senses. And a band I nearly forgot; Daughtry. Their work is enviable. Broken Arrows was just that. Louzanne believed it was a song about struggles. The next was Ugly Heart. I always defend pop music for its catchiness and relatability. Louzanne felt the same. It was a girly song, and as much of a feminist Louzanne seemed to be, it was clear that we all need a song that made us relax and feel “girly.” Mirroring the defence of a relaxed song was Lady Antebelum’s Downtown. The song features a girl singing to a boy abut their romance. Sweet. I ask her if she has had this moment in her life. She laughed heartedly and kept her business to herself.


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