Somebody Asked Me To Write a Poem

Someone asked me to write a love poem
So I did.

I told them about my mother and father
Above me
From a tree
On a cliff at sea
And how they let themselves be
I watched my mother throw her love over the edge
Just bottles, and shoes, and mills and boons.
They watched them tumble down the mountain top
To the bottom of the sea
I kissed debris of the glasses as they broke
I felt the stabs of the heels in their sole

Somebody dared
And asked me to write a love poem
So I told them
See I come from the shores of the sea
Where the tide hits the cliff
And my parents had a tiff
And I was always rift
Where I imagined a broken riff
Till my eyes caught a clift
And it was never a gift

And yet still somebody couldn’t understand
Why I cannot write a poem about love
So I showed them
I threw myself
This bottle, this shoe, this mill and boon
So I could crash on the edges
On the jagged as my body
Would explode into pieces
I could lose my feet
And accept defeat
For my legs that won’t run
To somebody’s arms
And hold them close so I could call them the one

So I ask someone to fall down my fall down my cliff
Not just to taste the salt in my ocean
Or ride the tide, low commotion
But to break the waves in set motion
To break me from my hoeschen
In love
You must die with your eyes wide open


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