The Sad Aftertaste of a Quickie That Lasted Too Long

She was quick
She gave a little flick
I’m coming over
I am the vic
Miss chic no flick
She wants no drinks
No pics
Just kicks
And then she flips
After she dips
I said I’m cool
And took a sip
We took a trip
Up in my stick
And to my crib
I said quick
I’ll do my trick
give a little lick
done in six
kick, kick quick flicks
but I like your kiss
you said I’m such a prick
but you were pretty happy pumping on my…thick
quick, quick real slick
gotta move take pick
which is mine, which is yours tic, tic
I talk with a tock ’cause I’m quick
that bitch this chick
so sick call me nick
of the time…hope you call Ms. Quick


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